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Greater value to be unlock with collaboration between PETRONAS and PA Contractors via M2M BRIDGE

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On 30th November 2017, all Malaysia Terminal representatives from PETRONAS and PA Contractors (PAC) gathered for the inaugural syndication session of Online System for Terminal Inventory Forecasting and Optimization. The session was successfully conducted at PETRONAS Digital Collaboration Center (PDCC), PETRONAS Twin Towers. The session was hosted by MPM Production Operation Management (POM), MPM Integrated Hydrocarbon Management (IHM) with PD&T - GTD BRIDGE project team.


The event kicks off with PETRONAS Cultural Belief session to award focus recognition to all PAC's tanker planner for demonstrating Shared Success, Own It and Result Matters through collaboration between tanker planner, MPM and PETCO in executing loading activities diligently and optimally to ensure no tank top/demurrage occurred in 2017.




The event commenced with opening remarks by Mr Benny Rajah, Head Oil Delivery Malaysia, POM, MPM. In his remarks, he applauded all terminals for delivering nominated volume as per planned without experiencing tank-top or demurrage despite the numerous challenges from offshore, weather, tanker constraints and lastly lifting limit by PETRONAS.


He emphasized the importance of collaboration with upstream, marketing and downstream to add value to existing crude monetization cycle, and that's what triggered us the new way of doing things. Hence, speed and visibility are essential to make all these to happen. This initiative will be a brick in the whole digital highway that links our fields' right up to the petrol stations. The industry will definitely enjoy its worth in a long run from a more efficient method of monetizing Malaysia crude and condensate.




Mr Fong Choong Chiu, Manager,POM, MPM continued the session with an introduction to this initiative. He shared the background and functionalities of M2M BRIDGE with main objective to syndicate case for change with Terminal operator regarding tanker planning alignment.  This system is envisioned to serve as a single platform for tanker planner and industry player to engage, collaborate, further strengthen and improve visibility and interconnectivity throughout the tanker planning process.


A live demonstration was performed by M2M BRIDGE team to present the basic functionalities and provide guidance to PACs on the steps and action that should be taken when submitting the required data into BRIDGE.


The event concluded with feedback session with PACs to the system in terms of the functionalities, user interface and user experience based on their perspective. Overall, the event ended with a positive note as all attendees are excited and looking forward to further collaboration to achieve better value realization in future.