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MPM Wells Management Leads the Completions Optimization through COMSTEC




The Wells Management MPM–PAC Completions Standardization Technical Committee (COMSTEC) second workshop was successfully conducted on 25th Jan 2018, attended by nearly 50 participants from the completions fraternity. This industry level collaboration was supported by 12 operators (Wells COE, Shell, Exxon, Repsol, EQ, Hess, Petrofac, SE&P, Vestigo, ROC, Nippon, Murphy) and 6 service companies (Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Welltec, Altus and Vantage) in Malaysia. The theme for this 1 day workshop was Trouble Free Completions Delivery (TFCD) and it covered the following topics:

  • 2017 Completions Performance and 2018 Outlook
  • Completions Going Digital
  • NPT Analysis
  • Optimisation initiatives by PETRONAS and Shell
  • Exemplary completion design by PETRONAS and Murphy
  • New technology sharing by Sapura Energy, Baker Hughes and Welltec
  • Breakout session to deliver a solid uptime improvement plan for packer installation, flow control and well intervention during completions

COMSTEC has been instrumental since its inception in Sep 2016 where the Completions Standardisation and Optimization Guideline was written and launched to the industry on 1st Jan 2017. Together with the Completions Minimum Standards (CMS 1.0) and Benchmarking established by MPM, the overall performance by completions fraternity across all operators have improved by 45%. Optimization has also delivered a 19% value creation from the approved budget. The optimization was achieved by applying the following principles:

  • Design standardisation
  • Operational optimization
  • Structured contingency computation
  • Surplus reutilization and rental mechanism

The event was kicked off by Head of Wells Management, En. M Zulkifli Zakaria at 9 am. En. Zulkifli commended all the PACs on the result achieved and encourage them to learn from one another and replicate best practices within the completions fraternity. Completions cost was optimized by 22% through design standardization and operational optimization. En. Zul also mentioned that the PACs achieved 15% of budget reduction in WMRC through inventory reutilization and standardized contingency computation.



En Zulkifli giving the opening remarks


En. Shahril Ridzauddin Mohd Mokhtar then presented the 2017 completion performance across all operators. This include how the RM 620 million value creation was derived from COMSTEC initiatives and MPM benchmarking.



En. Shahril presenting the COMSTEC impact on the completion value creation


This was then followed by detail NPT analysis by Astyo Budi (MPM Completion Staff Engineer) and how completions are going through a digitalization process by Puan Norjusni Omar (MPM Staff Completion Engineer) and En. Azmir Ghazali (Well Engineering Data, GTD). The NPT analysis was used as a basis of the TFCD break out session in the afternoon. The industry was also given the opportunity to experience the digitalization concept on the supplied tablets during the workshop. 



From Left to Right: Particpants experiencing completions digitalization, Astyo Budi presenting the NPT analysis and Puan Norjusni Omar presenting Completions Going Online



From Left to Right: COMSTEC 2016/17 Working Committee and PACs representatives receiving their Focused Recognition certificate


This was then followed by the Be PCB Focused Recognition presentation to the 2016/17 COMSTEC working committee and special awards to PACs.

  • 2016/17 COMSTEC Working Members represented by M Farris Bakar and Hj Zaidan Khalid (Wells COE), Sabri Yasa (SE&P), Rohimi Rohim (IPC), San Boon Eng (Shell) and Hamizan Maksari (EnQuest)
  • Best design and execution well – Sapura E&P for successfully designed, planned and completed well West Belumut A4 Horizontal OHSAS with AICD with 96.3% accuracy of plan time and cost vs actual
  • Cheapest completion – Murphy Oil Corporation for successfully designed and completed a cemented monobore water injector well (SASA-19) at a cost of RM 4.4 million
  • Technology implementation - PETRONAS Wells COE on Perfpack technology and realizing cost saving of about RM 4 million.
  • Best optimization strategy – Shell for successfully implemented Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for Malikai Project Completion Campaign and realizing about RM 40 million cost optimization

In the afternoon, the participants were split into 3 groups to brainstorm a strategy to improve the performance of the 3 identified areas namely packer installation, flow control installation and well intervention operations during completions.



 From Left to Right: Breakout session on improving packer installation, flow control installation and well intervention during completions


All the presentations will be compiled by MPM COMSTEC working committee and a revision will be issued on the Completions Standardization and Optimization Guideline tentatively in Q2 2018.


Wells Management would like to thank all the PACs and Service Companies for all the support given to the COMSTEC initiative.


Submitted by: COMSTEC – MPM Wells Management, Resource Management