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MPM Wells Management Wraps Up CORAL 2.0 LEAN Well Intervention Initiative

​The CORAL 2.0 LEAN Well Intervention (LEAN WIn) initiative team ended the year 2016 with a bang by exceeding the end state target of RM245 million savings by the year 2020 within the first year of implementation. This initiative which was led by En. Shahril Ridzauddin as Team Leader, En. Rahmat Wibisono as Co-Leader and supported by all PACs, managed to achieve a total saving of RM 389 million throughout 2016. In order to commemorate this significant achievement, Wells Management team from MPM Resource Management conducted an end-of-initiative knowledge sharing and appreciation session with all the PACs.


MPM hosted this event in-house on 15th of February, 2017 where 11 participating PACs shared all their knowledge, strategy, best practices and lessons learnt from implementation of this initiative in their day to day well intervention management. The event was kicked off by Head of Wells Management, En. M Zulkifli Zakaria at 9 am. En. Zulkifli commended all the PACs on the result achieved and encourage them to learn from one another and replicate best practices within the well intervention fraternity. All attendees were reminded to continuously challenge the status quo of how well intervention is being managed in order to generate more optimization ideas.



Figure 1: Attendees from MPM and PACs, celebrating the achievement


Next, En. Shahril presented the summary of the initiative performance with respect to the overall CORAL 2.0 performance in 2016. LEAN WIn achieved the second highest total savings out of 16 initiatives carried out and contributed 15% of the overall total savings captured under CORAL 2.0. He also iterated how the savings has allowed PACs to double up the well intervention activities within the approved Work Plan & Budget (WPB) which in return, delivered additional 11 KBD oil production on top of  the WPB plan for 2016. Prior to this event as well, LEAN WIn also bagged 3 out of the 5 Success Stories Award during the CORAL Vision Workshop 2.0 held in November 2016. The following PACS received a Certificate of Recognition.

  • PETRONAS – Reabandonment Optimization of Bulak Setap Well
  • Repsol – Well Intervention Optimization
  • Petrofac – Well Intervention Optimization

En. Shahril also informed the PACs that based on this achievement, the CORAL 2.0 Steering Committee have agreed that PACs have embedded the principles outlined in the strategy within their operating model. Hence, savings from well intervention activities is now considered as Business-As-Usual (BAU) and will be monitored directly by MPM starting 2017.


F2_SS Winners.png 

Figure 2: CORAL 2.0 Success Story Winners

 F3_WIn Performance.png

Figure 3: Well Intervention Performance and its associated cost and barrels gained


All 11 PACs presented their plan and strategy to achieve respective savings target. Several interesting ideas that raised a lot of interest were as follows:

  • Extended the offshore lifting activities Person In Charge (PIC) scope towards well intervention supervisors instead off only limited to asset PIC on board. This has helped to reduce a lot of waiting period between satellite platforms (Shell)
  • Pushing the SIMOPS philosophy to allow 2 wells to be intervened concurrently on the same platform via unique risk management system (EnQuest)
  • Improved engineering approach on rigless fishing and leaking production packer rectification to avoid costly workover operations (PCSB and Exxon)

All the presentations will be compiled by MPM and a Well Intervention Best Practices and Guideline will issued to all PACs in 2017.

All the PACs were then presented with Certificate of Appreciation signed by MPM VP, En. Zamri B Jusoh and the event ended with an appreciation lunch hosted by MPM.


F4_Certificate Recipients.png 

Figure 4: The Certificate recipients (L-R) – Pin Huang (Exxon), Louis Shepard (Hess), Charles Taylor, Mohd. Alham (EnQuest), En. Azhar Ali (PCSB SKO), Rayner (PCSB SBA), Luis Peixoto (KPOC), Kassim Selamat (Murphy), En. Choi Yee Xiong (PCSB PMA), Jon Blacklock (Murphy), Michael Kang (Shell)


Wells Management would like to thank all the PACs and CORAL 2.0 Project Management Office, MPM for all the support given to the LEAN WIn initiative. This is how Focused Execution and Shared Success looks to us.


Submitted by:

CORAL 2.0 LEAN Win Team