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The inaugural #RMBowl1.0 event was successfully organized by Resource Management MPM on 6th October 2017 with plenty of good vibes and review.  The main objective of this event is to foster closer relationship between MPM and PACs and stimulate collaboration efforts among PACs themselves.  The event was held on Friday afternoon, taking advantage of the Compressed Work Week and the drive for work-life balance.


Credit to all participants (bowlers, supporters, committee members and RM LT), this is an event to look forward to in the future.  The overwhelming response from all parties and the positive comments were heartwarming.



96 bowlers from RM, COE, JVM and 18 PACs took part in this wonderful event.  The bowlers are a good mix of leaders and executives, regular bowlers and "last bowling 6 years ago".

It brought plenty of networking opportunities, meeting of old friends and new acquaintances. The gathering of these people sparked lots of Collaboration and Pace potentials.


RMbowl.3.jpg RMbowl.4.png


The bowling itself was not too bad though most actually grabbed the chance of meeting colleagues and fellow oil and gas professionals in a different setting.  We saw many bowling techniques and poses, all with the common intent of knocking down 9 pins in this 9-pin tap format tournament.




Rmbowl.7.pngThe 24 teams were named based on top footballing countries in Europe. The configuration of the teams are a mix of RM and PAC/COE/JV. In the end, the GERMANY team won the #RMBowl1.0 title a.k.a. "RM Trophy". POLAND came 2nd and IRELAND 3rd.  NORWAY came last.



The prizes for teams displaying SHARED SUCCESS, FOCUSED EXECUTION and RESULTS MATTERS cultural beliefs were also handed out.


Selected remarks from participants:

  • "The overall event was indeed a perfect harmony Friday outing, a Focused Execution"
  • "A great event to bring together all of us, I'm pleased to see so many operators taking part"
  • "We would like to congratulate on a well-planned event. It was a lot of fun and excitement, definitely an event we can look forward to every year."
  •  "We won plenty of lucky draw prizes, next time we will contribute some prizes"



We believed most of our objectives were met and many people went home happy (winners, lucky or just happy).  The target to connect as many operators as possible and getting a good mix of participants were achieved.  Networks were established and friendship were created. The bonus was finding the good bowlers among us. There shall be #RMBowl2.0 to continue this momentum.



 The excellent commitee


During the event, we also collected some contributions.  On 4th Nov, we made the donations to Rumah Kebajikan An-Najjah in Ampang.  This home housed 24 unfortunate children, all girls with age ranging from 7 to 17 years old. Among the items donated to An-Najjah are washing machine, blender, standing mirror for the home and food pack + goodie bags to the kids.



Thank you for your generous contributions.  We planned to contribute more for the preparation of their schooling later.



On behalf of #RMBowl1.0 committee