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WBP-Go! Manpower module Go-live!


WPB-Go! – Seamless Management of Work Programme and Budget (WPB)

First, let's recap on the project. WPB-Go! is hosted on SAP platform. It replaces the previous WPB applications (eWPB, eCOST and eYER) that were phased out in 2021 as Microsoft no longer provides support for the Microsoft Silverlight application framework. Apart from the obsolete technology, the previous applications were not integrated and required extensive manual intervention by PACs & MPM to manage WPB processes.


WPB-Go! is a web-based application which streamlines the end-to-end WPB processes from submission by PACs to review and approval by MPM. As part of the aspiration to provide a holistic solution-based approach to streamline WPB processes, the WPB-Go! team have established four modules consisting of Annual WPB, Budget Revision, Expenditure Reporting and Manpower Planning to be rolled out in phases.


WPB-Go! was officially launched in January 2021 with the introduction of Budget Revision (BR) module to all PAC & MPM users. BR covers the existing process of Additional Budget Request (ABR), Budget Transfer (BT) and Conditional Approval (CA) Lifting. Subsequently, WPB Submission (Annual WPB) module was launched in May 2021 to facilitate PACs submission of their annual budget and for MPM to review and approve the WPB.


Expenditure Reporting (ER) has completed its 2 releases in 1H 2022. Year-End Reporting submission that was released in January 2022 spearheads the ER module by allowing PACs to perform YER submission. The next two releases i.e. YER Review & Approval and Monthly Expenditure Reporting was released in May 2022 and has completed the overall ER module as part of WPB-Go!, providing a positive experience to users, from PACs and MPM.


The WPB-Go! journey has almost arrived to the tail end with the release of its last module, Manpower Planning (Mpower). The first release for Mpower in July 2022 covers Annual Submission of Organisation Chart List and Manpower & Training Budget. The next two releases i.e. [1] Review & Approval for Annual Organisation Chart Manpower & Training Budget Submission and [2] Organization Structure Deviation and Review & Approval, targeted to release in Q4, 2022 will provide a seamless manpower planning experience to both PACs & MPM from submission, review & approval.


WPB-Go! have enhanced the user experience of managing WPB processes. It fully automates submissions by PACs, as well as the review and approval processes by MPM under a single digital platform, providing a seamless experience for its users.


Stay tuned for more updates!