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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PLATINUM?

    PLATINUM is the abbreviation for Platform for Integrated Information. It is developed to create a centralized communication channel between PETRONAS, MPM and PSCs.

  • What’s new in the enhanced PLATINUM?

    The enhanced PLATINUM is user friendly where it simplify the process in submitting reports to MPM as well as sharing of web portal content.

  • How did the portal get started?

    a. To develop a common information sharing portal between the Petroleum Arrangement Contractors (hereinafter referred to as "PACs") and MPM, which allows PACs to contribute business information to the portal.

    b. The portal is created to resolve several issues addressing documents submission, sharing and tracking which has been troubling the smoothness of communication between PETRONAS, MPM and PACs.

  • Can PAC submit article, image, videos or any othe

    Yes, they can. PAC may view the requirement (example, font, picture size etc) in the "Guide" section and the content submitted must be approved by PAC Heads or Country Manager.
  • Is there a procedure in submitting news or advert

    Yes. The submission of news or advertisement will automatically undergoes a workflow process where it will be reviewed and endorsed by selected authorities before being published in the portal.

  • Who can submit news or advertisement?

    Anyone can submit their news or advertisement, but it is subject to the approval and endorsement of respective authorities.
  • Who to contact should I have difficulties with th

    You can contact the administrator listed in PLATINUM Crew or Contact Us and refer to Quick Guide
  • What is the workflow for document/report submissi

    PACs will be assigned as “Contributor” where they can upload the reports in Document Submission features. Upon submitting, an email notification will be sent to both Contributor and also Approver (MPM). The Approver will then accepted or rejected with comments.

  • What can I do if I can’t log in with my credentia

    ​You will need to insert "petroweb" wording /domain at the front, followed by your username.


    Example: Username: petroweb\zuriatiazhan.z

                     Password: xxxxx


    If the first 3 attempts failed. Please wait for about 5 minutes and try again. If it still didn't work, you may contact PLATINUM Crew to rectify your problem.

  • What are the special characters (%, _, & etc) tha

    ​You may refer to the " Quick Guide" at

  • What is the recommended hardware specs and intern

    ​You may refer to the " Quick Guide "  at

  • What can we do in this portal?

    ​We categorized the main features into two:

    a. Web portal facilities , this feature will serve as an informative platform where sharing of news, articles, announcements, advertisements, policies, guidelines, templates, links, etc will be made accessible for public and selected groups.

    b. Document sharing & submission, this feature will be the platform for PAC to submit reports as defined in PPGUA. Strict and restricted access will be assigned to specific users and there will be approval workflow between PACs and MPM.