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RDMBowl 4.0


RDMBowl 4.png 

This yearly event made a return on 12th August 2022 after a 3-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The response and excitement were overwhelming as this is the first time that multiple PACs and MPM departments gathered for a social sporting event after such a long period.

A total of 32 teams; comprising of 128 bowlers from 19 PACs, SPE, MPM departments and of course, RDM itself made for a joyous, heart-warming, and competitive occasion.

The tournament, which was played over 2 games in a 9-pin tap format, saw teams battling for the coveted RDM Bowl Challenge trophy, while making new acquaintances and rekindling past friendship. Participants and supporters also took the opportunities to mingle with the leadership team and colleagues from various companies, as well as from MPM.This year's edition saw prizes being offered to the winners in the Team and Indivi​dual Male and Female categories. The results are as below:

  • Team Category
      1. Muhammad Afiq Norehsan
      2. Mohd Hisyamuddin
      3. Zaki Za'ba
      4. Puteri Noramira
      1. Hibatur Rahman B Ahmad
      2. Khairul Nizam B Idris
      3. Josey Areza B M Johan
      4. Nurrul Fadilah Jailani
    3. PP POWER (PCSB)
      1. Dzulfadly
      2. Nor Azwan
      3. A Fakrudin
      4. Rais Saufuan
    4. DRAGON BALL (Sapura)
      1. Md Nor Azmi Bin Mahat
      2. Muhammad Hariz Bin Azman
      3. Mohd Fikri Bin Hamat
      4. Mashita Aziman
    5. IHM (MPM-IHM)
      1. Ahmad Tarmizi B M Taib
      2. M Syafril B Bahar
      3. Nor Hazreen B Muda
      4. Faisal Ismail
  • Female Category

1.       Intan Shazlina M Kasim (MPM-POM)

2.       Rahmawati Rahmat (Hibiscus)

3.       Aimi Nadia Hussien (JX Nippon)

    1. Zurina Ros Zamri (Petrofac)
    2. Azira (Pantai Rhu)
  • Male Category
    1. Mohd Hisyamuddin (HESS)
    2. Josey Areza (MPM-RDM)
    3. M Yazir M Nuhman (JVM)
    4. Mahathir Meeralu (Petrofac)
    5. Juhaidi Jaafar (MPM-RDM)

The much-anticipated lucky draw prizes were also given throughout the entire event. A special heartfelt thank you goes to all contributors of the prizes which help made the event more enjoyable and fun!

Congratulations goes to the Best Female and Male Bowlers, namely Intan Shazlina from MPM-POM and Mohd Hisyamuddin from Hess. In the Team category, Team Phantom from Hess edged out the RDM All Stars for the No. 1 spot and challenge trophy.

Overall, the event achieved its aim in enhancing the camaraderie among the Malaysian Oil & Gas fraternity, as well as forging new acquaintances and establishing better networking. This is especially important after years of non-physical (virtual) meetings and events. This bowling tournament provides a perfect avenue to forge good friendship at all levels, while identifying new (hidden) bowling talent amongst us.

Thanks to all who participated and contributed to make this event a joyful success. Hope to see you all in

next year's edition of RDMBowl!